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As soon as I had kids, I knew that I wanted to spend a lot of time doing fun, hands-on projects with them. Unfortunately, I didn't grow up with a mom who encouraged us to participate in artistic activities, so I didn't really know how to get started. However, after reading a bunch of online tutorials and picking up some craft supplies, we were able to get right in there, create some gorgeous art, and really have a good time. My kids and I spend at least three hours a week creating works of art, and they love every minute of it. Check out this website to learn how to enjoy crafts with your kids.

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Caring For Your Scented Candles

Scented soy candles can be a great addition to your home's aesthetics and their lovely scents can help you relax or even set the mood for a romantic dinner. But did you know that scented candles require specific care and handling for best results?

Here are some tips on caring for your scented soy candles.

1. Store them away from heat and cold

You probably know that heat could cause the candle wax to deform and warp or even melt entirely. So when storing candles during the summer, you'll need to avoid putting them in an attic, unheated garage, or storage unit that's not climate controlled. 

However, you may not know that extreme cold can damage the candle as well. So make sure to protect your candle from temperature extremes in all seasons. Wax can become brittle as it gets colder, and a sudden change in temperature (such as a freeze) could cause problems such as cracking.

2. Keep them wrapped to avoid losing the scent

Typically, storing your candles in their original wrappings until you're ready to burn them is a good way to help them keep their scent. Since scented candles give off some scent even when they're not burning, you can imagine how displaying the candle uncovered could allow it to lose some of its fragrance over time.

If you don't have the original wrappings, you can simply wrap the candle in plastic to help keep the scent in until you're ready to use it.

3. Burn them safely and strategically

Like any candle, a scented candle can be a fire hazard and needs to be burned away from anything flammable and only while you're able to keep an eye on it. However, when burning a scented candle, you'll also want to be especially careful to avoid candle tunneling, since that can waste the valuable scented wax.

To avoid tunneling, make sure you light a new candle at a time when you can conveniently burn it long enough for the flame to melt a layer of wax across the entire surface of the candle. This can take about three hours for a candle that's three inches across. 

These tips can help you keep your scented soy candles ready for use and help you burn them mindfully in a way that makes the most of the scented wax and also avoids fire hazards. Visit a local scented soy candles shop, such as Vintage Products, today to learn more about scented soy candles and explore some of the scents available.