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As soon as I had kids, I knew that I wanted to spend a lot of time doing fun, hands-on projects with them. Unfortunately, I didn't grow up with a mom who encouraged us to participate in artistic activities, so I didn't really know how to get started. However, after reading a bunch of online tutorials and picking up some craft supplies, we were able to get right in there, create some gorgeous art, and really have a good time. My kids and I spend at least three hours a week creating works of art, and they love every minute of it. Check out this website to learn how to enjoy crafts with your kids.

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Use Hand Dyed Crafting Yard To Complete Plastic Canvas Projects

Artisans take the time to hand dye each skein of crafting yarn that is being marketed independently. Because of the great effort it takes to create a batch of yarn, the highest quality products tend to be used to yield each skein. If you know some basic stitching techniques and would like to make some cute decor for your home, purchase some hand-dyed crafting yarn, plastic canvas sheets, and patterns.

Quicker Results

Sewing a counted cross stitch or embroidery project often requires a lot of concentration and time. The size of each stitching area can be small in size and unless someone has a lot of patience with this type of needlework, it can take months to complete a project. If you are looking for fast results that can be displayed inside of your home, use plastic canvas to create decor items that use hand-dyed crafting yarn.

The sewing field on a canvas sheet that contains cutouts is much larger than a cloth sewing project and the stiffness of the canvas will be easy to work with. Choose a kit that will yield a flat wall hanging or ones that provide instructions to create three-dimensional decorations that can be displayed on a table or a countertop.

Inspect each hand-dyed crafting yarn skein that you may purchase. Because each batch of yarn is produced independently, you may notice slight color variations between two skeins of yarn that are labeled with the same shade type. If you purchase multiple skeins that are part of the same lot, they may appear to be the same exact shade.

A Labeling Process And More Complex Choices

A tapestry needle will be needed to complete a plastic canvas project. This type of needle will contain a larger eye than a standard sewing needle. Use a combination of stitching techniques that are commonly used in counted cross stitch projects.

If you are going to be adjoining canvas pieces together, you will be directed to use a specific color of yarn to secure the edges of two pieces. If you make great progress with the initial project that you tackle, choose some more complex project choices.

Purchase an organizer that contains individual drawers and place each skein of yarn in one of the storage areas. Label the outside of each drawer, with the color of each yarn variety. This will help you determine which colors to purchase when you run out. You can also add to your inventory, by purchasing multi-colored and solid-colored skeins. 

For more information on hand-dyed crafting yarn, reach out to a craft and hobby store.